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Our Company has been in this Online Marketing field for many years streams, gaming reviews, and news. You can get the reviews of the latest games on our site and the updated news too. Also, every weekend we update the best video game deals that are available on our site so that you get to know the offers available with a huge catalog of games. Currently, we have approximately 5 million gamers who have registered with us.

We are a well-known casual gaming site which ranks among the top ten sites in the world. According to a survey, a gamer spends around 25 minutes on an average on our site which is way higher than our competitors. We also have a mobile application which offers around 1000 games for free and every month it has at least one million visitors. This application is very popular among our users since other than gaming it also includes entertainment and other offerings.

We work very closely with a lot of leading global entertainment and gaming players such as Universal Studios and Microsoft. Our portal offers a wide range of games belonging to various genres like single player, multiple players, kid’s games, cricket games, downloadable games and girl games.

We have a very efficient and strong team which is very active on sports games and applications on the portal. To get started with us, you will need to register with us. You can visit our site and you will be able to see the option for signing up with us. If you hold a Facebook account then you can easily log in using credentials of that account and get started.